Who am I?

I am a high-school graduate from Sunnydale School. I am currently working as a teaching assistant and teaching students myself.

It all happened when a grade three teacher asked little Naomi "What is your aim in life?" It was too soon for me to think about it and answer. However, I, who had cried out my heart for my parents to buy me a white board so that I could plan serious lessons about general knowledge and deliver lectures to imaginary students, did not find it difficult to answer that I wanted to be a teacher.

I did not find the other love of my life until grade nine when I leanred about the structure of DNA and was awed at how these teensy-weensy molecules could determine so much of what we are. 

Since then, my brain has been sewing to bring the two together and create my own small world where I could teach Biology.


A few words from others...

Students and Friends